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TASHA h. kim

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Hello! I'm a born & raised Houstonian who feels Texas is its own country, like many other proud Texans. I grew up watching my aunt paint and my brother draw, but my journey as a designer began when I fell in love with artist Henri Matisse's graphical cut-outs. This inspired me down the creative path to graphic design, which expanded and embraced the digital world of user interface and visual design.


Past colleagues called me "Eagle Eyes" because I have a sharp grasp for detail and well-designed aesthetics. In my former role as a Senior Designer of Visual Communications at Nokia, I gained experience collaborating with global cross-functional teams consisting of people with diverse backgrounds that spanned from creatives, specialists, engineers, project managers, and thinkers.


After working with a few global companies and numerous freelance jobs, I'm excited to bring this breadth of my well-roundedness expertise to the field of UX/UI design, which feels like a natural progression of my strengths and interests.



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