2020 has brought some significant changes to how we make purchases, and online buying has become the preferred way to shop for many out of convenience and safety.


Seeing wall art on a screen can look quite beautiful; however, the common question lies if it would work in the space where it may be displayed.


Artsee Decor assures art lovers by providing the AR [augmented reality] function. Now there is no more guessing!

The Challenge

Create a responsive e-commerce web app where the art is respectfully displayed for consumers to easily find products that match their needs and to assure that they are making the right choice.



Artsee Decor is a responsive web app where the users can use the AR function on any mobile device to view wall art in their space. While the augmented reality function does not work on a desktop, users can easily display images on their desktop of pictures saved from their mobile devices.

What went well

I learned from my participants during the usability testing that the AR symbol is not as familiar as I assumed. The feedback helped me create a modal to introduce the feature and the AR symbol.

Room for improvement

More user testing would be beneficial.

Reduce time spent in creating user flow diagrams.

Next Steps

Continue strengthening UX skills.

Add other payment option screen designs.

Using familiar UI patterns made it easy for testers to navigate my prototype smoothly.

What Didn't go well

Not always being present while users test the prototype is sometimes challenging, as I am not there to remind them to follow the given tasks. Some participants were quite distracted.

It took more time than expected in creating the logomark; however, I am happy with the result.

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