A recipe app

for purists

Classic Twists are for those that follow recipes to a tee. They are highly inspired by creative, professional chefs that explore beyond the classics— recipes with a twist! Reinvented recipes that are upscale, cultured, and modern without the intimidation or the snobbery.


Finding a delicious recipe from a good source can be quite challenging. Say you want to make a special dinner, or you love to cook and be adventurous in the kitchen… Who wants to waste time reading a bunch of reviews or taking the risk hoping the outcome will be successful or not?


If you answered, “Not me,” then Classic Twists may be for you! This recipe web app aims for those seeking beyond Auntie Jane’s famous pot roast and the common classics. These are recipes created and tested by culinary specialists and reputable chefs. Only the mouth-watering twisted recipes survive— new and reinvented recipes mixing flavors and creating surprises full of delight.

The Problem

Users who are no stranger to the kitchen need a way to find various quality-tested (beyond the classics) recipes they can trust without reading reviews and search for them easily.







When planning for my weekend dinner, I want to be able to  search by a dish, so I can choose a recipe upon browsing through the selection of different chef creations of that type of dish.


When I want to cook an international dish, I want to be able to search by cuisine so that I can choose among all the options within that cuisine.


When I want to find a recipe for a unique vegetable I found at the Farmer’s Market, I want to be able to search by ingredient, so I can make a dish using the vegetable I have never cooked with before.


When cooking for others, I want to be able to search by diet, so I can cook alternative dishes as needed for those that have food restrictions.

Style Guide

What went well

Early on, I learned my fusion recipe topic had to be altered in wording due to its negative connotation in the professional culinary world. My research led me to use a more appropriate word— reinvention versus fusion.

Finding a niche market that nicely competes with its high-quality direct competitors. The brand differentiates itself by being more inviting but designed with a contemporary style.

What Didn't go well

It was challenging to find fitting participants for user research. While many people do use recipes, it’s to what extent is the question. The range varies from the users using it to get the gist, curious of the ingredients, or to follow it exactly word for word.

Honing in on user stories took some time due to too many feature concepts at the start.

Practicing crazy 8s were more like crazy 10s+.

Room for improvement

Creating better questions for user reserach.

Editing user stories— not to go overboard.

Reduce the time spent on medium-fidelity screens

by not needing to make the appearance hi-fi.

Next Steps

Continue strengthening UX skills.

Create an updated prototype using final screens.

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