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Health Help is a virtual telehealth native app designed for both iOS and Android. It provides the convenience and safety of booking virtual appointments in advance, getting in line for on-demand virtual visits, selecting from recommended doctors based on the user’s needs, make payments, and more. There is no need to get into a car to sit in a waiting room filled with sick people or stress over being sick while being away from home.

With all the safety concerns during this current Covid-19 pandemic, hopefully, in 1 to 2 years, the coronavirus will be more under control. In the meantime, while we are still trying to cope, we still face issues with our common, non-life-threatening medical conditions like allergies, colds, sinus infections, rashes, mental health support, and so on.


The major life adjustments have shifted the healthcare industry to providing more care options using Telehealth services. While not everything can be cured virtually, online medical does provide convenience and safety.

Many health apps are quickly growing in numbers and provide similar virtual services. What makes Health Help stand out in comparison is it does not try to lock you in without clearly providing essential information (more transparent) and personalized to the user’s needs. After completing a profile, the patient will be matched with a handful of doctors to select from. The user can read each doctor’s profile to make a confident decision in which doctor to meet.


Design a mobile app for both iOS and Android, which consists in creating two versions of the same app that utilize some of the native design patterns. Project includes coming up with the concept, app name, brand logo, objective, competitive research, users and, key features.

The Process

Competitive / comparative research

Some examples of competitor pros and cons:


⁃    Users can get prescriptions and existing prescription refill
⁃    A lá cart or subscription/ membership options
⁃    User does not have to commit to a membership
⁃    General Medical / Behavior Health services available
⁃    User can choose to go with on demand (wait in line)
⁃    Book appointments in advance
⁃    Choose a doctor from their network
⁃    Out-of-pocket appointments can be affordable/ reasonable
⁃    Multilingual doctors are sometimes available
⁃    Convenient that virtual visits can take place basically
      anywhere as long as they have a strong wifi connection
⁃    Some services are available 24 hours


⁃    Subscriptions can be expensive
⁃    Subscriptions with long commitments
⁃    Per service/ on demand have short appointments 10-15 min
⁃    Per service/ on demand - no follow ups, no text,
      no option to email for questions afterwards
⁃    User does not have the option to choose their doctor
⁃    May not get the same doctor each time
⁃    Can not always request to see the same doctor
⁃    No communication between the online doc and your
      PCP unless the virtual visit company is related to your PCP
⁃    Some apps request for payment or insurance commitment 
      upfront before providing their list of doctors
⁃    Common for apps to use the same stock photos or
      illustrations which makes some competitors look alike

Features / user flow



Style guide

Final Designs

What went well

The logo creation was fairly quick.

The illustrations I drew turned out nicer than I expected.

Usability testing went well. Received helpful feedback mostly related to the cosmetic end, but the navigation was successful.

What Didn't go well

Being it was my first time working with Android layouts, much time was spent on visual research.

Room for improvement

The designs utilize native patterns and custom layouts based on the brand, but I’d like to implement more native pattern styles in the future.

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