TASHA h. kim

Hello! I’m a born & raised Houstonian who, like many other proud Texans, feels that Texas is its own country. I grew up watching my aunt paint and my brother draw, but my journey as a designer began when I fell in love with artist Henri Matisse’s graphical cut-outs. This inspired me down the creative path to graphic design, which has grown to expand and share the digital world of user interface design.


Past colleagues called me “Eagle Eyes” because I have a sharp grasp for detail and well-designed aesthetics. In my former role as a Senior Designer of Visual Communications at Nokia, I gained experience collaborating with global teams consisting of interdisciplinary backgrounds that spanned from diverse creatives, specialists, engineers, project managers, and thinkers.


After working with a few global companies and numerous freelance jobs, I’m excited to bring this breadth of my well-roundedness expertise to the field of UX/UI design, which feels like a natural progression of my strengths and interests. 


I recently completed a frontend development (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript). Now I'm making more time to read, take in visual research, attend various online events, participate in Daily UI tasks to assist in, and continue learning, improving, and evolving.

•  Love to laugh and be around positive others.

•  Absolutely adore my Norwich Terrier, Kiko.

•  Lifelong foodie— I live to eat, not eat to live.

•  Enjoy strike-fit kickboxing.